Fried Egg Candy Recipe

Fun Food Ideas

Looking for a fun idea to liven up a party or just to entertain the kids? Check out these original ideas from our readers, including a fairy-tale inspired appetizer, a fruity baby shower idea and “eggs” you won’t want to eat for breakfast.

Breakfast will never be the same once you introduce your kids to Fried Egg Candy. These adorable confections look like miniature fried eggs served over two strips of bacon. But bite into one, and you’re in for a sweet surprise—the yolks are actually yellow M&M’s and the bacon strips are pretzel sticks. “This is the only way I can get my daughter Haley to eat her bacon and eggs,” jokes Melanie Hayes of Libby, Montana. “We have a great time together making these treats and munching on them, too.”

“This fruit-filled Watermelon Baby Carriage was made for my daughter's baby shower and was a huge hit,” says Angie Schaff of St. Anthony, North Dakota. Fill it with any fruit you fancy and serve purchased poppy seed dressing alongside if you desire.

Looking for an eye-catching appetizer to dress up a dinner party or a fun spring gathering? They don't come much cuter than these fanciful hard-cooked egg "toadstools.” Capped with cherry tomatoes, these tasty Fairy-Tale Mushrooms always delight family and friends, says creator Sue Cravatta of Elmwood Park, Illinois. "They couldn't be easier to make, and my kids get the biggest kick out of them. They gobble the toadstools up—and even eat the spinach 'grass' I display them on," she says. You could also add a trail of whimsical raisin "ants" around the base for extra nutrition and fun!

Everyone will be purring with delight when they see—and taste—this Cat Cake. Our Test Kitchen home economists used a store-brought cake mix for the body and head and purchased sponge cakes for the ears, paws and tail. Then they whipped up fluffy frosting to serve as "fur" and fashioned features from candy.

Figure on these sweet treats winning lots of smiles! The graceful goodies are perfect for a wintertime birthday bash, a school classroom or anytime you'd like to surprise your family. To create Ice Skate Brownies, our Test Kitchen cooks put a sporty spin on a rich brownie recipe from Kathy Kittell of Lenexa, Kansas. They cut out skate shapes, dipped them in chocolate and attached candy-cane blades. Pair mugs of cocoa with the desserts or serve them all by themselves. Folks will jump at the chance to eat them!