Five Years of Reader Favorite Recipes

Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas

I enjoy submitting my own recipes to Simple & Delicious as well as the sister magazines, and I love it when one is published. My husband and I sit down to a home-cooked meal nearly every night. There are usually one or two Simple & Delicious recipes on my menu every week. Our favorites include Bacon Jack Chicken and Mushroom Beef Tips with Rice.

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Rose Zapp, St. Marys, Kansas

I'm cooking my way through my 10th magazine from the Taste of Home family. Along the way, I've made recipes I'd never tried before, put ingredients together that didn't seem to blend, and yet, amazingly, they all turned out. Now there's no stopping me! My family's favorite recipes are Green Goddess Salad Dressing, Mushroom and Potato Chowder, and Spinach Shrimp Fettuccine.

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Mushroom and Potato Chowder»

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Karla Johnson, Helena, Montana

The June/July 2010 issue of Simple & Delicious is one of my favorites. We especially enjoyed Marinated Sirloin Steak and the Sausage & Penne Marinara. Even though there are only two of us at home these days, we're on the go. We start the day with breakfast together and finish with supper together. My husband hasn't hired a new chef yet, and the Simple & Delicious recipes make me cook like a pro.

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Kids' Favorite Recipes

Patricia Demartini, Gillespie, Illinois

Our church hosts a free meal for the entire community the last Wednesday of each month. I try to come up with a fun dessert to entice the kids that attend. Your cheery Sunshine Cupcakes recipe was just what I was looking for. It turned an ordinary cupcake extraordinary, and it was a big hit at the Harvest Feast. My two boys, Stephen, 12, and Vinny, 3-1/2, had fun helping me decorate them. Thanks for the great tips.

Sunshine Cupcakes»

Tanya Baynes, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I had so much fun making these Ghost Cookies with my 3-year-old, Genevieve. Suspecting she would not like the taste of the Nutter Butter cookies, we chose E.L. Fudge instead, and they looked and tasted great! Best of all, it was a simple recipe that she could help with and not get frustrated. Thanks for the great idea!

Ghost Cookies»

Sarah Fredericks, West Fargo, North Dakota

Thanks for the yummy Spooky Spider Cupcakes. My 5-year-old daughter, Genevieve, loves to share baked goods with the neighborhood children, and this treat was a big hit! We had a hard time finding shoestring licorice, but we found chocolate licorice worked just as well. We cut each piece into four sections to make extra-long spider legs. Thanks for helping us to make such fun family memories!

Spooky Spider Cupcakes»

Donata Pemberton, Aurora, Colorado

My daughter, Amia, had a ladybug-themed birthday party, so we made red Marshmallow Pops with chocolate chips to give guests to take home as an inexpensive but cute favor. We had a blast and they turned out beautifully. You can see how much she loved them by her smile. Thanks for the idea!

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