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Tropical Fruit Salad Recipe

Tropical Fruit Salad Recipe

Apple-Bacon Egg Bake
I wanted an inexpensive, healthy egg dish for Sunday brunch, so I came with this recipe. Apple-Bacon Egg Bake is hearty and delicious, and the apples give it a slight sweetness.
—Nancy Miller, Bettendorf, Iowa

Tropical Fruit Salad
I needed a speedy salad for a luncheon recently, used what I had available, and everyone loved it! Light, fluffy and full of fruit, this Tropical Fruit Salad could double as a healthy dessert. You can also tuck it into the kids' lunchboxes for a fun school-day treat.
—Teri Lindquist, Gurnee, Illinois

Favorite Chicken Pasta
This dish was a favorite of mine at a local restaurant, but when I saw the recipe, I knew it was too rich for my family's diet. I made some healthy changes, and now Favorite Chicken Pasta is one of my favorites.
—Lynn Skilsky, Tucson, Arizona

Parmesan Vegetable Rice
With its red tomatoes and green pepper, this healthful Parmesan Vegetable Rice recipe is colorful enough to serve guests during the holidays, but I make it whenever I want a special rice dish any time of year at all!
—Nola Nielsen, Darien, Illinois

Tarragon Chops with Mushrooms
Though I lightened the sodium in this delicious pork entree, it's just as flavorful. Tarragon Chops with Mushrooms is a quick and easy weeknight dinner.
—Sherri Halloran, Colonial Heights, Virginia

Apple and Goat Cheese Salad
This Apple and Goat Cheese Salad is a light and delicious side dish for almost any meal. The sweetness of the apples, raisins and grapes combines well with the tart goat cheese and dressing.
—Radelle Knappenberger, Oviedo, Florida

Cheesecake with Berries
Cheesecake with Berries offers a grand finale that will bring rave reviews. It's so rich and tasty, you'll have a hard time believing it's light. This creamy cheesecake is ideal for any special occasion.
—Julie Kocur, Abingdon, Maryland

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