Deliciously Different Desserts

Looking for something special to treat your guests? Take a look at these delicious desserts, which use fall favorites like apples and pumpkins.

Apple Pie in a Goblet Recipe

Apple Pie in a Goblet Recipe

Apple Pie in a Goblet
This Apple Pie in a Goblet recipe is not only easy but very elegant. You can serve it in bowls, but I always get more "oohs" and "aahs" when I put it in lovely goblets.
—Renee Zimmer, Gig Harbor, Washington

Pumpkin Torte
This beautiful layered Pumpkin Torte has a creamy filling with a mild pumpkin flavor and a little spice. The nuts and caramel topping add a nice finishing touch, but you could also try other toppings as a variation.
—Trixie Fisher, Piqua, Ohio

Upside-Down Apple Pie
I have won eight ribbons at area fairs with my Upside-Down Apple Pie. People say it looks and tastes like a giant apple-cinnamon bun.
—Susan Frisch, Germansville, Pennsylvania

Cranberry Pear Pie
When our family is invited to holiday gatherings, this Cranberry Pear Pie usually comes with us.
—Helen Toulantis, Wantagh, New York

Black Forest Cheesecake
I created this Black Forest Cheesecake years ago, and my family has been asking for it ever since.
—Christine Ooyen, Winnebago, Illinois

Maple Tree Cake
Here's a colorful confection folks will fall for! To top off this scrumptious Maple Tree Cake, the Taste of Home kitchen staff created a chocolate tree with pretty dried-fruit leaves.
—Lorraine Tishmack, Casselton, North Dakota