Cool Foods and Desserts

From the July/August 2007 Issue of Simple & Delicious

Granola Banana Sticks Recipe

Granola Banana Sticks Recipe

A warm summer meal only gets better when it's followed by dessert. We're continuing the utensil-free fun with a selection of simple treats that will get rave reviews.

If you're looking for a dessert that'll cool you down, reach for creamy and delicious Fudge Pops or fruity Banana Pops. They'll definitely refresh you on the hottest days! Get little ones involved by asking them to insert the popsicle sticks into any of these tasty treats.

Everyone loves classics like lollipops and chocolate chip cookies, so why not combine these two favorites by making scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops. Or, pull out all the stops and serve Chocolate Fish Lollipops, sure to impress young and old alike!

"My daughter and I won an award at our local fair for our Granola Banana Sticks," says Diane Toomey of Allentown, Pennsylvania. "I like to assemble the ingredients ahead for my kids to whip up when they get home from school. Sometimes we substitute rice cereal as a crunchy alternative to the granola bars."