Budget Breakfasts

Budget breakfast recipes and grocery shopping tips for saving money.

Vegetable Ham Quiche Meal

Vegetable Ham Quiche Meal

If you're not an avid coupon-clipper, you might wonder how you can save more on your grocery bill. Our Test Kitchen shows you how by combining economical recipes from budget-minded readers into the meal shown here. This low-cost menu makes a hearty brunch or even a light evening meal…and you can serve it for just $1.54 a plate.

Vegetable Ham Quiche, from field editor Betty Albee of Buhl, Idaho, is an easy egg dish filled with zucchini, bell pepper, ham and cheese. "With our garden produce, it's even more economical," Betty writes. "It's pretty enough to serve company, too."

"Breakfast Sausage Patties are a perfect accompaniment to any egg entree," says Carolyn Rose Sykora of Bloomer, Wisconsin. "Cayenne pepper gives the sausage just the right amount of zip."

Field editor Edna Hoffman of Hebron, Indiana shares her recipe for Orange Ginger Scones. A sprinkling of sugar tops off these tender treats with a touch of sweetness. "I like to serve them hot with butter and jam," Edna notes.

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Save money when buying groceries with these 10 shopping tips:

  1. Planning meals on a weekly basis will reduce trips to the store and unnecessary spending, including eating out.
  2. Buy nonperishables such as canned goods in bulk when they are on sale.
  3. Even though coupons may cut the cost of name brands, compare prices with the generic brands to determine which is really cheaper.
  4. Watch store sales flyers. Items that appear on the front and back of flyers are considered "loss leaders" and are often on sale at deep discounts. Keep them in mind as you plan menus.
  5. Try to find stores that match competitors' coupons and take weekly sales flyers with you. That way you can complete your weekly grocery shopping with one stop, while getting a great deal.
  6. Get into a routine by going to the store on the same day at a set time, and try to go when stores aren't crowded. That way you can really comparison shop without feeling rushed by other shoppers.
  7. Pay with cash as opposed to credit cards. It's a simple trick that will really help you to stick to your budget.
  8. Before you leave the store, check your receipt. Scanning systems don't always work correctly, so you might not always be getting the deal you thought you were. Don't be afraid to go to customer service to ask for a refund in the event of an error.
  9. Keep in mind…bigger might not always be the best option. Buying two smaller versions of the same product as opposed to the jumbo size might work out to be a better deal when you really compare the numbers.
  10. Don't be afraid to try something new. You may be used to brand names, but the generic version of most products is just as good and often a lot less expensive. If you're not sure how your family will respond to it, buy a smaller package to try it out.