Brand New Recipes

Check out the debut of five delicious recipes, plus four tried-and-true favorites, that will help you clean out the pantry.

The Recipe

What It Uses Up

Cream Cheese Bran Muffins


Golden Spiced Rice

Almonds, raisins and rice

Ham 'n' Egg Burritos

Salsa and tortillas

Lasagna in a Bun

Onion soup mix, cottage cheese and shredded cheese
Pesto Sausage Pizza Spaghetti sauce, olives and parmesan cheese
Scalloped Corn Canned and frozen corn and bread crumbs

No-Fuss Meatballs

Jelly, mustard and chili sauce

Kitchen Sink Cookies

Walnuts, coconut flakes, cereal and oats
Cinnamon Snack Mix Graham crackers, pretzels and pecans