Berry Delicious Recipes

From p. 32 of the May/June 2007 Issue
of Simple & Delicious

As spring nears summer, many of us can't help but think of the bounty of berries that warmer weather brings. Berries come in many varieties that have their own peak seasons. So, if fresh berries aren't in season yet, you can substitute fresh with frozen in most recipes.

For more berry good ideas, check out the Bonus Berry Tips below.

Golden whirligigs with a tart lemon flavor float on a ruby raspberry sauce in this delectable dessert. "I love serving Lemon Whirligigs with Raspberries to guests," shares Vicki Ayres of Wappingers Falls, New York. "My children also like it made with blackberries."

"Blueberry French Toast is the best breakfast dish I've ever tasted," raves Patricia Walls of Aurora, Minnesota. "With luscious blueberries inside and in the sauce, it's almost more like a dessert. The recipe was shared with me by a local blueberry grower."

It's well worth the effort to prepare Vanilla Cream Fruit Tart. This spectacular tart is best made and served the same day. "A friend gave me the recipe," shares Susan Terzakis from Andover, Massachusetts, "and it always receives rave reviews at gatherings."

"Wow!" is what people will say when you set Super Strawberry Shortcake on the table. "It's fun to serve but not overly sweet," shares Renee Bisch of Wellesley, Ontario. "It's bursting with the wondrous flavor of field-fresh strawberries."

Bonus Berry Tips

  • Blueberries should be picked when they are dry. If there is dew or rain on them, they will get soft and not last as long after picking. —Edith S., Lake of the Woods, Nova Scotia
  • I found a way to keep the birds out of my berry bushes. I bought wind socks with long streamers and spinning pinwheels and placed one of each at either end of the garden. —Ramona P., Lewisville, Ohio
  • For an easy shake, combine two scoops of vanilla ice cream, a handful of berries and a cup of milk in your blender, then process until smooth. —Carolyn Z., Fairbury, Illinois
  • Gently toss fresh berries with a little flour before stirring them into batter. This will prevent them from sinking to the bottom of the pan. —Margaret G., Chesterton, Indiana
  • I sometimes use my berry muffin recipe to make bread. The only adjustment is to bake the recipe a bit longer. —Emily C., Chilton, Wisconsin