Beer Can Chicken

Food Editor Amy Welk-Thieding, RD, gives us her tips for making beer can chicken and shares her favorite recipe for beer can chicken.

By Amy Welk-Thieding

I got caught up watching a show on how to barbecue beer can chicken. It looked so good and so easy to do, that pretty soon I found myself surfing for beer can chicken. I found Can-Can Chicken and got cookin'!

The recipe says to rub the spice mixture on the chicken and then refrigerate for 1 hour. By the time I headed to the grocery store and got back home it was pretty close to dinnertime, so I skipped the refrigeration step. I placed the chicken right on the grill after adding the rub.

We have a gas grill and a charcoal grill; because it was so windy we ended up using the gas grill. It was actually kind of nice because the temperature of the grill stayed constant for the entire grilling time, allowing me to make Beet Spinach Salad and a half batch of Lemon-Lime Bars. I think next time, though, I will make the chicken on the charcoal grill for a taste comparison.

It was interesting that the beer flavor didn't really permeate into the chicken. I guess I thought I would have gotten more of the beer undertones in the meat. The chicken was super moist, though, and I know that was from the liquid that was in the can. I also put a little bit of water, about 1/2 cup, in the bottom of the drip pan so that I could make gravy from the drippings. It worked like a charm!

The rub in this recipe is fantastic. All week long we made the best chicken sandwiches from the leftovers. The spicy rub on the chicken combined with the mayo on my sandwich was truly divine! My husband even suggested that we don't buy lunch meat anymore. He said, "We should just make this chicken."

Can-Can Chicken has gotten me thinking about other beer recipes that we've published in the past. If you like the taste of beer, but not the alcohol, keep in mind that you could easily substitute nonalcoholic beer in the recipes. Either way, they are fun recipes to try this spring and summer.

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Have you tried Can-Can Chicken or another beer can chicken recipe? If so, what did you think of the recipe?