30-Minute Recipes

These quick recipes are perfect for a busy holiday meal
or an easy weeknight dinner.

Veggie Cheese Ravioli Recipe

Veggie Cheese Ravioli Recipe

Raspberry Pork Chops
A yummy glaze made with mustard, vinegar and jam covers these succulent pork chops. Fixed fast in a skillet, these tender chops are great for everyday or special occasions.
—Janette Hutchings, Festus, Missouri

Veggie Cheese Ravioli
Have the best of both worlds with this easy weeknight dish. It tastes really light and refreshing but the ravioli makes it hearty and filling.
—Gertrudis Miller, Evansville, Indiana

Coconut Almond Muffins
Almonds, coconut and chocolate chips are the start of a great muffin. These almond-flavored muffins are tender and delightful. They have become a great favorite with my family.
—Sara Tatham, Plymouth, New Hampshire

Cranberry Turkey
Entrees don't get much easier than this main course. My husband and I enjoy the recipe for holiday meals. It's perfect for the two of us since it doesn't result in a lot of leftover turkey.
—Sharen Clark, Sunnyside, Washington

Mocha Pie
A friend gave me this divine recipe after I asked how she managed to put together such an elegant pie after a long day at work. Prepared cookie dough, marshmallow creme and a little instant coffee make it a breeze to assemble.
—Barbara Keller, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Sweet-Sour Spinach Salad
The tang of this salad rounds out any menu with a splash of color. Quick and easy is often on my mealtime agenda, so this salad is perfect. Plus, I can make it for a few or an entire crew!
—Judith Priglmeier, Aitkin, Minnesota

Country Chicken with Gravy
This lightened-up dinner entrée is so quick and simple! It was a hit with us the very first time we tried it.
—Ruth Helmuth, Abbeville, South Carolina

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