Mustard Fried Catfish Meal

Home-Style Fish Fry

While most people enjoy curling up with a novel, Barbara Keith of Faucett, Missouri likes to read a good cookbook. "I love to cook and have been collecting cookbooks for years," she says. Her husband, Keith, four kids, 10 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren couldn't be happier about Barbara's passion for cooking. And they're not the only ones!

"I love cooking meals for my family, but I also enjoy preparing dishes for neighbors and relatives who are sick or recovering from surgery," Barbara says. Cooking for others seems to be second nature, as her parents owned a small cafe. "I did a lot of cooking there as a teenager when my mom was working her other job," she says. "I would make pies, fried chicken and big pots of chili and soup."

Barbara Keith

It's no wonder that Barbara and her husband also welcomed friends and family over for "whole-hog" barbecues and large fish fries when they had the time. "I was frequently asked for recipes at these gatherings, so I began taping them to the bottom of each dish I prepared and kept extras in the house," she says.

Now Barbara is sharing some of her favorite recipes with you, including her popular fried fish. "I make this meal on a monthly basis," she writes of her Mustard Fried Catfish.

"The fish is so delicious and flaky, and it's easy to prepare, too." If you can't find catfish, buy orange roughy or cod instead.

Tender fried fish just wouldn't be the same without a side of creamy coleslaw. Barbara's Sweet 'n' Sour Coleslaw comes together in just 5 minutes and brings bright flavor and crunch to the menu. "This was my mother's recipe, and I'm always asked to share it," she explains.

To round out the menu, Barbara turns to buttery Garlic New Potatoes. "I have yet to meet a person who doesn't like this dish," she says. "The potatoes complement just about any entree and are quick to prepare."