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Defrosting Guidelines for Poultry

Defrosting times for poultry depend on the weight of the package and the thickness.

Food Safe Cooking Temperatures

When preparing foods on the grill or in your oven, it's important to cook meat, poultry and fish to a safe temperature. Use a food thermometer to make sure food reaches a safe internal temperature as listed below.

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Food Safe Guidelines for Storing Food

Tips for how long to store food in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

When equipping a new kitchen, there are so many tools and gadgets to consider. Start with the basics listed below before expanding to the specialty ones.

Produce Yields-How Much in a Cup

Use this chart when you want to know how many apples are in a cup and how many of a fruit or veggie are in a certain measurement.

Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips

Slow Cooker Recipes & Slow Cooker Tips

Easy tips and recipes for how to best use your slow cooker.

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Stocking Your Pantry for 2

Many supermarket foods are packaged for families of four or more. But in a household with one or two, storing large amounts of food in the pantry doesn't always make sense. With fewer people to consume the food, extra edibles may sit on the shelf longer and lose some of their quality. Smaller households may also have less storage space, or use some pantry space to store nonfood items.

Tips For Freezing Food

Tips for Freezing Food

A freezer can be your best friend whether preparing make-ahead meals to save time or storing leftovers for another day.

Understanding the Food Label

Almost all packaged and processed foods have food labels. A few exceptions are very small packages on which the information doesn't fit, bulk foods or foods with next to no nutrients, such as coffee, tea, spices, and herbs.

How to Maximize a Small RV Kitchen

Using a Small RV Kitchen

Planning and efficiency make the most of a little kitchen

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