Taste of Home Tips for Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

Our Test Kitchen experts share their favorite tips and recipe ideas for cooking with Girl Scout cookies.

Megumi Garcia

Sweeten a churro! Separate filled cookies and remove the filling. Grind the cookie tops and bottoms and add to churro batter. Melt filling to drizzle over the top after baking.

Jazz up donuts. Separate filling from cookies; finely grind tops and bottoms. Replace 1 cup of flour from your donut recipe with ground cookies; make donuts as recipe directs. Melt filling, drizzle over tops of donuts before serving.

Make granola bars. Process Samoas or Caramel deLites in food processor until crumbs become pasty and form a ball. Bring honey and almond butter to boil. Mix toasted oats, cookie paste and honey mixture; add nuts if desired. While warm, press into greased 8x8-in. pan. Chill until firm. Cut into bars.

Sarah Thompson

Think of cookies as a main ingredient. Layer your favorite cookies in an icebox cake, or use them to make mini ice cream sandwiches.

Top your treats. Roll chocolate truffles in crushed cookies; dip pretzel rods into melted chocolate, then roll in crushed cookies; dip apples into melted caramel, then into crushed cookies.

Bottoms up! Line bottom and/or sides of springform or loaf pans with cookies for ice cream cakes; place cookies in cupcake liners for mini cheesecake crust; use your favorite cookie as a base for mini Baked Alaskas.

Mix 'em up. Use cookies as mix-ins for Rice Krispies treats, trail mix or pancake batter (and save a bit to sprinkle over pancakes).

Matthew Hass

Amp up cookie frosting. Process cookies in a food processor, then stir into other frosting ingredients.

Top off cereal bars. Top your favorite cereal bar (homemade or store-bought) with whole or coarsely crushed cookies, then cover with melted chocolate.

Make cookie truffles. Finely crush Thin Mints or other cookies, mix with softened cream cheese, roll into balls and chill. Dip balls in melted chocolate and sprinkle with additional crushed cookies.

Sweeten scones. Stir coarsely crushed cookies into scone batter. For instance, add crushed Lemonades and dried cranberries to make Cranberry Lemonade Scones.

Shannon Roum

Drink your cookies! Add crushed cookies to smoothies, milkshakes or coffee frappes.

Dress up ice cream and puddings. Stir crushed cookies into fudge topping; blend into crusts, fillings or toppings for ice cream desserts; layer crushed cookies in parfaits; crush several kinds of cookies to make your own Blizzard bar!

Snazz up snack mixes. Add cookie pieces to Chex Mix, muddy buddies or puppy chow.

Make some fine fondue. Mix crumbled cookies into chocolate, caramel or marshmallow fondue, or use cookies as dippers.

Top off a fruit crisp. Sub in crumbled cookies for your usual streusel topping.

Beth Jacobson

Rethink toffee bars. Make bars with cookies instead of saltines or matzo crackers.

Invent a new truffle. Crush cookies, then shape into balls and coat in melted chocolate. Add a flavored liqueur, espresso or extracts for an additional flavor boost.

Top off your treats. Sprinkle chopped cookies on top of homemade candies like caramels, toffee or fudge.

Get poppin'! Mix cookie pieces into popcorn balls for a new twist on a classic.

Melissa Hansen

Batter up! Add crushed cookies to batter for muffins, waffles, brownies, cookies or cupcakes.

Bake a new treat. Wrap cookie dough or pie dough around a cookie and bake.

Create your own sandwich cookie. Spread a cookie with peanut butter or frosting, then top with a second cookie.

Share the joy. When you're making gift jars of cookie or quick bread mix, include crushed cookies as the stir-in ingredient.

Kathryn Conrad

Ham it up. Use crushed cookies to make a crust for baked ham.

Give sides a new twist. Crush cookies to use as a topping for a savory squash casserole.

Rethink your cheese ball. Roll an appetizer cheese ball or log in crushed cookies.

Layer 'em. Add broken cookies to any layered dessert—puddings, trifles, individual parfaits, ice cream sundaes.

Make a stir. Crush cookies and stir into fudge, quick bread batter, meringues or bread pudding.

Lauren Knoelke

Make a pinwheel. Layer chopped cookies over a thin layer of warm Rice Krispies treats. Roll up as you would a jelly roll. Let treats cool, then slice for a fun cookie pinwheel.

Go bananas. Dip a banana into melted chocolate, then roll in chopped or crushed cookies.

Take the cake! Add some sweet crunch to your next layer cake. After frosting the bottom layer, sprinkle on crumbled cookies before topping with the next layer.

Nicholas Iverson

Take french toast to the next level. After dredging bread in beaten eggs, dip in crushed cookies. (Use cookies without fillings, like Shortbreads.)

Make cookie butter. To create a sweet spread for toast, puree cookies with enough oil to reach desired consistency for spreading.

Make a cookie crust. Substitute cookie crumbs for graham crackers for no-bake pie crust. Process filling-free cookies in a food processor with melted butter and sugar, as you would for a graham cracker crust, then press into pie plate.

Leah Rekau

Let them eat cake! Stir crushed cookies into cheesecake filling and sprinkle on top; make a sheet cake using Samoas and extra coconut; press crushed cookies onto the sides and sprinkle over the top of a frosted cake; cover a cake roll with crushed cookies.

Make cookie bark. Mix crushed cookies into melted chocolate before pouring onto a rimmed baking sheet, or use as a topping for toffee bark.

Turn crescents into dessert. Stuff crescent rolls with crushed cookies and bake; drizzle with chocolate and powdered sugar.

Create a sweet pizza. Build a fruit pizza on a base of crushed cookies.