Picnic Tips & Fun Ideas

  • Make getting to the picnic a scavenger hunt. Leave clues or a "treasure" map for your family to find their way to the picnic destination.

  • Bring along a board game, bocce ball, a softball and catchers mitt or a Frisbee for some outdoor fun.

  • If kids will be joining you, try to pick a park with a playground nearby.

  • Plan a hike and bring the picnic with you. Stop when you get hungry or find a scenic spot to eat.

  • Avoid mayonnaise and ice cream-based dishes that can turn bad or melt in the sun.

  • No basket? No worries! Load your goodies into a sturdy cardboard box, plastic bin or even a backpack.

  • Save extra condiment packets from fast-food restaurants to bring along on your picnic—the packs are ideal for easy outdoor meals.

  • Set the mood with a sunset picnic. If it's allowed, bring a few votive candles and a small bouquet of flowers to add to the ambience.

  • Consider packing a picnic for others, whether it's for your kids in the backyard, your neighbors or even a coworker in need of some lunchtime fun.

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