Stovetop Grill or Broiler

Expert Advice from Food Editor Karen Scales

Karen Scales, Food Editor

Karen Scales, Food Editor

DEAR KAREN: We do not own a grill and wonder how to best prepare recipes that call for one. Are stovetop grill pans adequate or do you have a better suggestion?
—Beth Grendahl, Exeland, Wisconsin

I think a stovetop grill pan could work for most grilled recipes that call for direct heat. The heat settings and cooking times should be comparable. For example, medium-high heat on the grill would be the same as medium-high on your stovetop.

You might also want to consider your broiler. It works great for foods that cook quickly, such as thinner cuts of meat, vegetables and kabobs. But probably the most versatile replacement is an indoor grill. They are easy to use and don't take up much space. Be sure foods are thin enough to allow the lid to close. Keep in mind that the foods will cook in about half the time since you are cooking both sides at once.