Outdoor/Indoor Grilling

Expert advice from Food Editor Karen Scales

Food Editor Karen Scales

Food Editor Karen Scales

DEAR KAREN: When a recipe says to use an outdoor grill, can I use my broiler or indoor grill instead?
—L.C., Turlock, California

The popularity of grilling has made it a year-round cooking method. If you don't choose to grill outdoors, yes, most recipes can be cooked another way.

For boneless chicken, pork chops, steak and ribs that are grilled for a short amount of time, a broiler or indoor grill can be used instead. The cooking time may differ, so be sure to check the meat frequently and use the same doneness test the recipe calls for, such as "until juices are no longer pink."

Another option is to bake smaller cuts of meat until they're almost done, then put them under the broiler to finish cooking and give it that grilled look.

You'd be better off baking a larger piece of meat, such as a roast or whole poultry. A broiler cooks the outside of meat quickly, leaving the inside undone.

Indoor grills are a great convenience and cook similarly to outdoor grills, but you probably won't get much of that grilled flavor or look.

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