Frozen Spinach

Expert advice from Food Editor Karen Scales

Food Editor Karen Scales

Food Editor Karen Scales

DEAR KAREN: I frequently see frozen spinach called for in recipes. Why can't I just use a can of spinach, which is more convenient?
—Floyd Burgess, Spencer, Indiana

Since both frozen and canned spinach no longer have the nice leafy texture of fresh spinach, they can be used interchangeably in most recipes with acceptable results. Almost all recipes using frozen spinach call for it to be squeezed dry to eliminate excess moisture. I'd recommend doing the same thing with canned spinach.

Spinach is packed with healthy nutrients, but one reason that frozen spinach may be favored over canned spinach is it's lower sodium level. For a 1/2 cup serving, frozen spinach varies between 125 mg and 200 mg of sodium, depending on the brand. However, for the same amount of canned spinach, you'll consume 360 mg of sodium. Also, frozen spinach will be closer in color and flavor to fresh spinach than the canned product.