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Down-Home Chicken Recipe

Mom's Down-Home Chicken

Despite her German heritage and the fact that she raised her family in Oregon, my mother is a Southern belle at heart.

Lamb and Beef Kabobs Recipe

Mom's From-Scratch Meal

SOMETIMES cultures clash, but in my family, they blended beautifully when my mom (left) was in the kitchen. My mother, Mamie M., has always loved the foods of her Italian heritage…just as much as my Syrian dad, the late Anthony Mosellie, enjoyed his culture’s foods.

Spicy Seafood Bisque Recipe

Mom's Meal is a Winner

MY MOM, Marie W. of Valdosta, Georgia, has a recipe for every occasion…whether she’s competing in a cooking contest, organizing a meal at church, or feeding family and friends.

Tender Flank Steak Recipe

Mom's Tender Flank Steak Meal

My mom, Tammy Ahrens, learned early on how to cook for a large family. Growing up on a small farm, she was the oldest of seven children.

Rice Balls with Meat Sauce Recipe

Mouth-Watering Mom's Meal

DINNERTIME holds some of my favorite childhood memories. With an Italian family, dinner was—and is—a big event. There's a lot of passing, laughing, sharing and talking…and much more food than can be consumed in one sitting!

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash Recipe

Not Your Everyday Chicken and Dumplings

Who needs to go to a restaurant when you have a mom who can cook like mine does? My mom, Barbara Barocsi (shown at right), specializes in what restaurants like to call “home-cooked” meals.

Polish Butter Lamb Is Easter Specialty

Polish Butter Lamb Is Easter Specialty

Here are the diagrams and recipe for the cute butter lamb from Marya LaRoche of Cheshire, Massachusetts.

Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce Recipe

Salmon Stars in Savory Meal

My Moms Best Meal features Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce, along with Fried Rice with Bacon, Bean Sprout Spinach Salad and Rhubarb Strawberry Cobbler.

Herbed Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

Savory Spaghetti Is Her Specialty

Mom learned to cook healthy and delicious meals while stretching a dollar to feed our family of six. My dad often worked two jobs so Mom (who prefers to be called Billie) could stay home with my brother, two sisters and me. Now that I’m an adult, I really appreciate the effort and love it must have taken to prepare three meals a day on a budget.

Pork Tenderloin with Stuffing Recipe

Savory Sunday Dinner

I'VE SPENT part of my life teaching college-level nutrition classes and taste-testing for a federal research lab. But my fondest food-related memories center on my mother's kitchen.

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