I really love baking and cooking with my mom. She says I've been helping her since I was 3, when I'd climb up on a stool and tear lettuce for salads. She calls me her "right-hand girl." My brothers and I pitch in if we're expecting company or having a special meal…or whenever she needs help.

Ryan lives on his own, so usually it's the five of us at dinner. We have lively discussions about things like politics, our studies and books we're reading.

I'm a picky eater, so Mom tries to get me to taste new things. She'll say, "Just take a little bite."

She prepares plenty of food because my brothers and I sometimes have friends over or my parents invite people to the house. On Sundays, there might be 10 or 15 people for dinner.

Someday I want to be as good a cook as my mom is. I hope you'll fix one of her recipes for your holiday meal. Happy Thanksgiving!

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