Tenderloin Is a Holiday Feast

Home-cooked meals fostered full stomachs

By Denise B., Reedsville, Pennsylvania

Meal Photo

Meal Photo

Whether cooking for a family of four or a 40-member choir, my mother, Lynn D., has always been able to make a simple meal taste like it's fit for a king.

When my sister, Dana, and I were growing up, Mom made dinnertime special. Her wonderful evening meals resulted not only in full stomachs but in countless hours of relaxation and conversation—shared times that encouraged a family closeness we maintain today.

Memorable Menu

One of my favorite menus features Peppered Beef Tenderloin, Fruit 'n' Nut Tossed Salad, Creamed Onions, Crisp Sweet Pickles and Peanut Butter Pie.

Peppered Beef Tenderloin, perfect for a holiday meal, is moist and delicious with a crispy pepper coating.

The refreshing tossed salad is a delightful combination of sweet and salty flavors. It's Dana's favorite dish. Creamed Onions, with its mild sweet taste, is the one recipe I request for my birthday and holidays.

And my mom's delicious pickles, a Christmas tradition, are crispy and well seasoned. They are quick and easy to make, too, since they start with a jar of purchased dill pickles and then are just "dressed up."

Everyone loves Mom's yummy Peanut Butter Pie—it's the perfect ending to a meal. It's sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, too!

Whenever I smell or taste these delicious dishes, I think of home and all the wonderful memories of growing up. My sister and I are married now with families of our own (we each have three children), but Mom still prepares full-course meals for herself and my dad, Bill, who is retired from a telephone company.

Catering to Crowds

Mom's adept at cooking for crowds, too. She's often called upon to plan and prepare menus for banquets, weddings and other events. She once served dinner for an entire school choir in our home.

Mom also cooked for our basketball teams, missionaries and family gatherings. My sister and I had many memorable parties that she put together. Everyone loved hanging out at our house.

My mom learned to cook from her father after her mother passed away. Dana and I learned from her. Mom's never afraid to try something new or add her own twist to a recipe.

Although Mom has relinquished Thanksgiving dinner to me, I still ask her to bring some of her specialties. My sister and I rely on Mom's recipes when it's our turn to entertain or make a special dish. We're happy for the opportunity to share them with our friends—and with you. We hope you enjoy this memorable family meal.