Seasoned With Love

WHEN I THINK about my mom, the first things that come to mind are her fabulous meals and the joy it gave her to cook for others.

Mom, Mary Ann Emrick, loved to entertain and hosted many baby showers, bridal showers and dinner parties over the years. She made each event even more special with the loving care she put into the foods she prepared.

For our birthdays, my dad, two sisters, Melinda and Janet, and I got to pick any meal we wanted Mom to prepare. (On Mom's birthday, we took her to a restaurant.) My favorite was Round Ham Loaf, Creamed Potatoes, Fluffy Lime Salad and Texas Sheet Cake.

Her ham loaf, a nice change from the usual meat loaf, was served with a pleasantly sweet raisin sauce. She garnished the loaf with pineapple and maraschino cherries.

Mom's Creamed Potatoes were comforting and chunky, while the tangy lime salad was cool and refreshing.

There was no better way to end a birthday meal than with her chocolaty sheet cake. Moist like a pudding cake, it was topped with a sweet cocoa icing.