Mom's Meal is a Winner

Spicy Seafood Bisque, Buttery Crescents, Chicken Romaine Salad and Lemon Baked Alaska

Spicy Seafood Bisque, Buttery Crescents, Chicken Romaine Salad and Lemon Baked Alaska

My mom, Marie W. of Valdosta, Georgia, has a recipe for every occasion…whether she’s competing in a cooking contest, organizing a meal at church, or feeding family and friends.

Of course, everyone has their favorite “Marie recipe”, but there are some things universally considered “the best you’ve ever tasted”…like her famous Buttery Crescents.

No meal is complete without these yeast rolls. When Mom serves them, there’s always a fight for the leftovers.

The crescents go great with her Spicy Seafood Bisque, Chicken Romaine Salad and Lemon Baked Alaska —which, I think, together make up Mom’s “best meal you’ve ever tasted”.

Spicy Seafood Bisque, loaded with shrimp and crab, is a definite crowd-pleaser and earned Mom an award in a local cooking contest. Chicken Romaine Salad is an interesting blend of flavors and textures. Its fruit and nuts make it really special.

Lemon Baked Alaska, another award-winner, is Mom’s signature dish. This ice cream creation in a flaky pie crust is baked just long enough to brown the meringue. A friend of mine declared this the best dessert he’s ever had…and I’d have to agree!

She Takes the Cake!

Mom’s first cooking prize came in seventh grade, when she entered a cake in an elementary school fair. After spending hours preparing the cake, she dropped it on the sidewalk on the way to the fair. But it landed right side up—and it still won first place!

Mom had already been cooking for years by then. My grandmother let her loose in the kitchen to experiment when she was 8. My grandfather, who loves desserts, was a willing taste-tester.

Mom’s had a successful career as a high school business teacher, author and lecturer, but probably her best teaching job was training my dad and me to cook. Before my parents married, Dad had never prepared a meal. Now, he and I cook regularly. The lessons she taught me were rewarding, and now I do most of the cooking in my home.

Following in Her Footsteps

Mom Marie W.

My wife, Stephanie, is the daughter of my parents’ best friends and a vegetarian. So after a day of managing analysts for an insurance firm, I have fun making Mom’s favorite recipes using vegetarian substitutes. I enjoy experimenting—just like my mom, who’s always searching for new ideas and a crowd to try them out on.

My parents love to entertain and invite people to their home. Some of my fondest memories are of parties they threw and of all the good food Mom served. Most of that food she makes from scratch…and the results have created a spoiled son!

Mom’s life has changed somewhat in the past few years, since she now cares for my grandparents, who live nearby. But she still entertains and makes her share of nightly meals.

I visit with my parents several times a year at each of our homes and while traveling together. No matter what the location, Mom finds a way to cook at least one meal for our family. I hope you’ll try this meal of hers and enjoy it as much as I do!