Meal Photo

Memorable Easter Meal on Family Farm

"Easter was a memorable time when I was growing up on our family farm," shares Lorrie Bailey of Pulaski, Iowa. "After we finished with church in the morning, Mom, June Mullins, served the most terrific Easter dinner in the afternoon.

"Mom was always happy to share a warm smile and some good advice along with her wonderful cooking and baking. She especially loved to make bread and rolls and did so almost weekly to the delight of my dad, us four kids, our spouses and her six grandchildren.

"The mainstay of this holiday meal was her Hot Cross Buns. We all looked forward to them since Mom fixed these golden rolls only once a year. She used a recipe passed down from her mother.

"For a special main dish, Mom fixed Pineapple Mustard Ham. Juicy ham slices get mouth-watering zip from the tangy glaze made with ground mustard, pineapple topping and horseradish.

Simplify the Day

"To simplify the day, Mom rounded out the meal with items she could make ahead, like a potato casserole, the world's best deviled eggs and Colorful Vegetable Salad. That eye-catching combination is crisp and refreshing.

"Her desserts were always spectacular. One of our favorites was Strawberry Satin Pie. It's as pretty as it is scrumptious.

"Preparing delicious recipes like these was one of the many ways Mom showed her love for us on holidays and every day. We know she'd be thrilled to have you try them, too."