My mother was raised in Wisconsin by her grandmother and learned to cook from her aunts. Mom never worked outside the home but has always taken her vocation as wife and mother (and now grandmother and great-grandmother) seriously. Making people happy is so important to her—and she's been accomplishing that for years through her cooking.

Mom was forever baking cookies, cupcakes and other treats to take to our Scouting functions or school activities.

When she planned dinner parties for friends, she'd write out the menu and decide which dishes to make ahead. Sometimes she'd even let us serve.

Mom's ease and skill in the kitchen taught me the joys of cooking, too. I like trying new things, and I think that's because I don't feel intimidated by a new recipe. I just picture my mom whipping up something wonderful, and I dig in!

Because I'm a registered nurse, my schedule hasn't always allowed me to prepare meals from scratch for my husband, John, and our children, Shannon, Trevor and Jack. Sometimes, it's tricky getting dinner on the table!

I have help, though. Years ago, Mom compiled a cookbook for my sisters and me. When I can spend time in the kitchen, it's the first thing I grab. I know her recipes guarantee a fabulous feast!

I hope that you'll enjoy my mom's dishes as much as we do.

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