As long as I can remember, Mom has been inventing dishes and winning contests. She often modifies recipes, and as a Taste of Home field editor, she shares her creations with others.

She once won a prize for an innovative appetizer she called "egguacamole." She needed to bring a dish to a ladies potluck luncheon and didn't have time to run to the grocery store, so Mom pulled a dozen eggs and a ripe avocado from the refrigerator…and an award-winning appetizer was born!

When Dad went out of town on business, Mom would test new dishes on my brother, John, my sister, Cathy, and me—and strange things like frog legs appeared on the dinner table.

I hope I've inherited some of her kitchen savvy. Unlike my mom, who didn't work while we were growing up, I teach Spanish at a preparatory school 30 miles away. So I have little time to get dinner on the table for my husband, Terry, and our two children, Kathleen and Patrick.  I still consider myself a good cook…thanks to a great teacher.

I'm thrilled to share Mom's French-inspired Yuletide menu and hope you'll enjoy this feast as much as our family did. Joyeux Noel!

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