Everyone Helps Prepare Sunday Chicken Dinner

Orange Chicken Kiev Meal

Orange Chicken Kiev Meal

Sunday is the one day when I can count on the family being together for a meal. And we all have a hand in cooking it!

This menu of Orange Chicken Kiev, Sweet Spinach Salad, Honey-Oat Pan Rolls and Frosted Chocolate Chip Cheesecake is one we think is outstanding.

Let me set the scene: We love to try new recipes, and on Sunday, I give each family member one to prepare. I’m lucky to have a big kitchen so the six of us can work comfortably.

Besides husband David and me, the cooks include Jared, Christy, Aaron, and Laura. (Our oldest daughter is married and lives in France. She has three boys.)

When we sit down to eat, the conversation sounds like a bunch of food critics. We discuss what we do or don’t like about each dish, what could be changed to make it better and whether or not the recipe is good enough to keep.

We all agreed that Orange Chicken Kiev is a delicious twist on the traditional dish. It has a lovely orange flavor without being overwhelming. Attractive and special enough to serve guests, this entree is impressive but easy to make.

The Sweet Spinach Salad got all six votes, too. Its flavor nicely complements the Orange Chicken Kiev. Since none of us likes cooked spinach, this salad is a tasty way to add that nutritional vegetable to a meal.

No Offense Taken

Our discussions are very up-front and honest. No one takes personally the comments about a dish they made—a bad dish is the recipe’s fault, not the cook’s. All of us like to use Taste of Home recipes because they’re easy to prepare, and many are outstanding.

Nutritious, light-textured Honey-Oat Pan Rolls were another unanimous pick. They taste terrific, have a wonderful aroma while baking and are easy to make, according to Jared, who has become the family breads expert. The dough, after one rising, is simply rolled into balls and left to rise, then is baked.

Husband David (a mechanical engineer) specializes in meats, including grilling and Dutch-oven cooking. Aaron loves to make breakfast and brunch foods.

Heavenly Cheesecake

For me, it's desserts. And Frosted Chocolate Chip Cheesecake is the best of over 50 cheesecake recipes in my collection.

This recipe was given to me by a friend when we lived in California. The chocolate crust, creamy middle and fluffy frosting make the perfect balance of flavors.

Arlene B.I started trying new recipes as a newlywed. It keeps cooking interesting. I now have a large collection of favorites, which I keep in binders. If I find several similar recipes that sound promising, I'll conduct a baking contest, and we'll decide which is the best.

I was thrilled when my Very Chocolate Brownies won Grand Prize in Taste of Home's brownie contest.

Outside my kitchen, I work as an administrative assistant, and I've written food articles for area newspapers. I also enjoy needlework and gardening. I took classes to become a certified Master Gardener. Having fresh and flavorful produce and herbs available outside my kitchen door is wonderful!

Perhaps I've planted a seed for you to try some new recipes and invite your family or a group of friends to help prepare them. Why not start with my favorite meal?

You're likely to find, as we have, that eating is definitely an adventure and can be a lot of fun from start to end!