Rhubarb Touch

WHILE it is exquisite and elegant enough to serve on Sundays for special dinner guests, my favorite meal is also suitable for a weeknight supper.

The menu includes Rhubarb Pork Chop Bake, Broccoli with Orange Sauce, Poppy Seed Fruit Salad, Macadamia Lemon Bars and Citrus Punch. Together, they make a pretty presentation on the dinner table.

I'll admit, rhubarb is a unique ingredient for dressing up pork chops. My mother, who was born and raised in Germany, had an abundance of rhubarb in our family garden and came up with this creative use.

My family has grown to love the deliciously tangy taste of the chops and dressing. As a single mother, I raised three children and now also have seven wonderful grandchildren.

I've also served this dish to many dinner guests. There are few people who don't like pork chops, so this recipe seems to work well every time.

Few Ingredients, Fine Flavor

Since I've worked away from home all my life, I try to find recipes I can whip up in a hurry on weeknights. Broccoli with Orange Sauce has only five ingredients and is very tasty. The orange juice adds a distinctive citrus accent to this versatile side dish.

For interest and variety, you can use any kind of fresh fruit that you like in my Poppy Seed Fruit Salad. Cantaloupe, honeydew melon, raspberries, kiwifruit, grapes and orange sections are good choices to substitute for the fruits listed in my recipe. In a pinch, I've picked up 4 cups of cut-up fruit from the supermarket to save time.

Whenever I am asked to supply a salad for a picnic or potluck event, I take it along in an oversized glass jar—it's so pretty, it always gets compliments.

I make Macadamia Lemon Bars often for dessert. I love macadamias, so I substituted them for walnuts in a bar recipe I got from a dear friend ages ago. I keep copies on hand since I get so many requests for this recipe.

People always come back for seconds of refreshing Citrus Punch. It has added the crowning touch to many of our holiday meals.

The ample recipe fills two big pitchers or a punch bowl. I garnish the punch bowl with an ice ring and fresh berries or sprigs of mint.