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Tender 'n' Tasty Pork Chops Recipe

Best-of-the-Season Backyard BBQ

I like to have my parents, my brother and his family, and my sister and her husband over for holiday barbecues in the summertime. We enjoy a variety of grilled foods, salads and desserts.

Stuffed Roast Turkey Recipe

Can't Wait for Thanksgiving

I truly believe I would rather cook than eat! For Thanksgiving, it's a joy to prepare a meal that everyone—from my husband, Martin, right down to our great-grandchildren—is sure to enjoy.

Grilled Pork Loin Roast Recipe

Casual and Flavorful Southern Menu

ALL that's missing from my favorite backyard barbecue menu is…your family or a group of your friends to enjoy it!

Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

Classic Comfort

For holidays and special occasions, I plan a dinner that's hearty and comforting, but also a cut above an everyday meal.

Grilled Burgers Recipe

Come And Get It - Gluten-Free!

What could be better for a summer meal than grilled burgers, along with baked beans, salad and chocolate cake?

Stuffed Beef Tenderloin Recipe

Creative Cook Exceeds Expectations

GROWING UP in a frugal family, I was the oldest of five boys and learned early to pitch in on domestic chores. Mom—who worked outside the home—delegated tasks, and mine focused on cooking. She must have seen I had a keen interest in it.

Creative Cook Spices Up

WHEN I'm preparing a meal, I enjoy thinking about how certain recipes came to be among my personal favorites. So many of mine are all tied up in decades of delicious memories as well as my family background!

Crown Roast of Pork Recipe

Crown Roast Christmas Dinner

I love to feed people. And, even though our family has an extremely busy lifestyle, I don’t mind taking time out to cook for family, friends and sometimes even strangers!

Simple Sausage Lasagna Recipe

Easy Lasagna Highlights Hearty Menu

Although I love to cook, I don't always have the time to spend with long preparations. This lasagna menu is one that doesn't tie me up for hours and hours in the kitchen but is applauded by my family and friends.

Orange Chicken Kiev Recipe

Everyone Helps Prepare Sunday Chicken Dinner

Sunday is the one day when I can count on the family being together for a meal. And we all have a hand in cooking it!

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