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How to Make Back to School Cupcakes

Gear up for school with this cute cupcake bus!

Recipe: Back to School Cupcakes

This adorable bus will make everyone want to "get on board" for the first day of school! Back to School Cupcakes are a cinch to make and fun for all ages. Enjoy!
—Taste of Home Food Styling Team

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Follow these steps to make the bus:

Step 1

On a covered cake board, place a row of five cupcakes for top of bus. Arrange six cupcakes each in the second and third rows. Follow with a row of five cupcakes.

Step 2

Tint 2-1/2 cups vanilla frosting yellow; carefully spread over cupcakes.

Step 3

Spread vanilla frosting over cupcakes as desired for windows. Place a chocolate wafer on each tire; attach a miniature sandwich cookie hubcap with frosting.

Step 4

Tint a small amount of vanilla frosting black and a small amount red; set aside. Pipe outlines and desired details onto bus with black frosting.

Step 5

Place a vanilla wafer in each window. Tint remaining frosting as desired. Pipe faces on vanilla wafers; pipe hair, hats and shirts as desired.

Step 6

Spread red frosting onto cupcakes for stop sign and taillights. Fill in headlights with coarse sugar.

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