How to Make a Chocolate Easter Basket

Learn how to make a chocolate Easter basket with these easy instructions.

This chocolate clay basket from our Test Kitchen makes a great centerpiece when filled with Easter candy.

For complete ingredients and directions:

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Making a Chocolate Basket Step-by-Step

Step 1

Set one end of the candy-coated pretzels around outer edge of bowl cover, resting the other ends against the side of the bowl. Pour or spoon melted candy coating into the plastic cover until it surrounds all of the pretzels. Chill until firm.

Step 2

Loosely weave chocolate clay ropes around pretzels until the top of the pretzels is reached. (End one rope and begin the next on the inside of a pretzel, overlapping ropes slightly and pressing ends together.)

Step 3

Place a drop of melted candy coating on top of each pretzel. Lay the three braided ropes on top, blending the ends to create a finished edge.

Step 4

For basket handle, make one 15-in.-long chocolate rope. Push headband into rope, allowing 1 in. on each end to remain uncovered. Insert uncovered ends into the top braid of the basket.

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