How to Make a Beverage Tub

Use these easy step-by-step instructions to learn how to make this clever beverage tub, perfect for your next summer party.

Our senior set stylist, Jenny Bradley Vent, created this awesome "Chill Out" decal featured in the June/July 2011 issue (page 65) of Simple & Delicious. Here are Jenny's tips on how readers can do it at home.

First, we bought our beverage bucket from

Then, Jenny sketched out a few ideas for the design before teaming up with S&D art director Kristen Johnson to create a digital pattern—download a copy here.

Alternatively, you can use store-bought stencils or download a stencil from sites such as

Jenny used an interior acrylic latex paint. She recommends using enamel spray paint for stencils.

Next, she cut out the stencil design and taped it to the tub, gently outlining the stencil with a pencil. If using spray paint, cut the pattern accordingly, leaving the stencil taped to the tub and carefully spritzing in short blasts until you see how the paint adheres.

Some paints may need more drying time than others. Inexpensive or disposable gloves may come in handy when using spray paints.

If painting on your design, remove the stencil pattern after lightly tracing. Jenny painted the light green background color with a sponge brush in the oval space. Then she painted the surrounding light green dots by hand with a small paintbrush, doing two coats—cleaning the brushes and letting the paint completely dry in between.

When the light green color was dry, Jenny used a #2 pencil to color all over the back of her printed oval design, then placed the pattern with the graphite side down on the green oval. With her pencil, she traced over the letters to transfer them onto the light green oval.

Next, using dark blue paint, she painted a line around the oval with a small paintbrush; then painted the lettering over the light pencil marks before placing a tiny blue dot inside each green dot. Again, she did two coats—cleaning the brush and letting the paint completely dry in between.

Let's see how you did! Send us photos of your designer drink tubs at Cheers!

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