How to Dry Beans

Tired of the same-old steamed green beans? Dry your surplus of green and wax beans by stringing them together into what early settlers called "leather britches." Here's how:

Preparing the Beans

Step 1

Select green or wax beans that are fresh and firm. Wash beans and trim off stems. Then pat the beans dry with paper towel.

Stringing the Beans

Step 2

Hold a bean upright. Thread a large darning or carpet needle with heavy-duty thread or kite string.

Step 3

Insert needle and thread through the center of each bean, so both ends of the bean are loose.

Securing & Hanging

Step 4

Secure the first bean by wrapping the thread around the bean and making a knot. Repeat step 2 until the thread is full. Secure the last bean like the first, cut the thread and tie a knot.

Hang the string of beans in a clean, dry location. Leave your "leather britches" for several months or until pods are dried and wrinkled.

Once dried, enjoy in soups and stews or display as a decoration.

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