Egg Basics

Grade AA and A: Grade AA eggs have firm whites and high, round yolks. Grade A eggs are usually what you'll find in stores. Their whites are considered "reasonably" firm.

Cage-Free: These eggs come from hens that live in open structures such as barns, not cages.

Fortified or Enriched: The hens that lay these eggs are fed a diet supplemented with health-boosting nutrients like DHA, vitamin E, folate and flaxseed.

Free-Range: Eggs from hens that either live outdoors or are given a certain amount of access to the outdoors.

Organic: To earn this sought-after label, farmers must adhere to the USDA's National Organic Program guidelines. That means their hens only eat certified organic feed and are not given antibiotics, vaccines or synthetic hormones.

Pastured: Hens are raised on pasture and allowed to feed on grasses and insects. Check your local farmers market.

Ways to Cook Eggs