25th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary Party

Anniversary Party

If you're planning a party to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of either you and your spouse or a close relative, you can spare the cost of a caterer and forgo the fees of renting a hall.

Just open up your home and celebrate in style! It's easy to entertain a large group when you turn to this chapter's crowd-pleasing recipes.

Turkey Breast Roulade is an elegant entree that features a hearty ham and artichoke filling. Partner slices of the main course with Garlic Potato Bake and Mandarin Orange Spinach Salad.

Then leave a lasting impression by presenting an eye-catching Anniversary Cake (see some helpful step-by-step instructions below).

Stemware Servers

To add a little elegance to a special-occasion dinner, present servings of Garlic Potato Bake in casual stemmed glasses.

Garlic Potato BakeAfter baking the potatoes as directed, scoop servings into goblets or glasses. If you don't have enough of the same pattern, you can mix and match stemware. Do not use crystal stemware to serve hot food because the heat may cause breakage.

Circle of Love Centerpiece

Centerpiece PhotoWhen you celebrate the anniversary of two people who are the light of each other's lives, add a romantic touch to the dinner table with this easy-to-assemble luminary.

First, apply a strip of double-sided transparent tape down the length of a clear glass cylinder vase. Wrap parchment paper around the outside of the vase, securing the short ends over the tape. (We used off-white parchment paper, but you could use paper with a little more color or with a pattern corresponding to the colors of the day.) Wrap a colored narrow ribbon around the vase and tie in a bow. Place a small pillar candle inside the vase.

Set a small bowl upside down in the center of the table. Drape a cloth dinner napkin (in the same color as the table napkins you're using) over the bowl. Position a 12-inch round mirror on top of the covered bowl.

Place the vase in the center of the mirror. Add greens and fresh flowers in a circle around the vase. (We used leather and Italian ferns, purple wax flowers, tinted baby's breath and white tea roses.) Light the candles just before guests sit down to dinner.

There's very little last-minute preparation for this centerpiece. You can wrap the vase with paper, tie on the ribbon and set the candle inside the vase weeks in advance.

The day before the party, set up the display on the table, but don't add the fresh flowers and greens. Those should be added just before guests arrive so they stay fresh longer.

You can put together this elegant display whenever you're entertaining. For Christmas, use a red or green napkin, pine boughs and holly berries. A wreath of silk fall leaves is great for Thanksgiving. And for a springtime celebration, a pretty pastel napkin and daffodils or tulips are a nice touch.

Assembling the Anniversary Cake Topper

  1. Step 1 PhotoPlace cake topper pattern under a sheet of waxed paper; tape both to work surface. Pipe icing along outside and inside edges of the design; let dry.
  2. Step 2 Photo Thin remaining icing with water. Pipe icing inside the edges of the design to fill in; let dry.
  3. Step 3 PhotoUsing tinted frosting, pipe lettering and outlines over cake topper; let dry.