Romantic Table for Two

Create a cozy atmosphere when making a special meal on Valentine's Day. Begin by draping the table in an elegant cloth with white and red hues. Place a lovely Heart-Shaped Napkin (instructions below) on top of each dinner plate.

Then add some ambiance by creating Rose Candleholders. Here's how:

  • Cut the stem off of a large rose, making sure the bottom is even. Use your fingers to fully open the rose. If necessary, remove some center petals so there's a small open area in the middle.
  • Place a tea light candle in a clear tea light holder; set inside the rose. Place the Rose Candleholder on a small saucer or candle base. To prevent wilting, make these flower candleholders just before sitting down to dinner.

Heart-Shaped Napkin

  1. Place a square napkin on a flat surface. Fold two opposite side edges in so that they meet in the center, making a rectangle.
  2. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise. Rotate the napkin so that the single fold is on the bottom.
  3. With your finger in the center of the rectangle, bring up one end of the napkin until it touches your finger.
  4. Bring up the other end so that the two ends touch and a point is formed on the bottom.
  5. Tuck under the two upper corners to create a heart shape.