Turkey Carving Tools

Creating the perfect turkey is easier with the right tools. Food Editor Amy Welk-Thieding gives us her top picks for turkey carving tools.

Instant-Read or Digital Thermometer

Taylor Digital Oven Thermometer and Timer;, about $20

Amy says: "An instant-read or digital oven thermometer is an investment in food safety. Instant-read thermometers usually have plastic on their dials and can't be put in an oven. A digital oven thermometer, though more expensive, offers the added convenience of being able to go into the oven. Taylor's digital thermometer also lets you program an alarm that sounds when your meat reaches the desired temperature."

Heavy Roasting Pan with Rack

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Roaster Set;, about $100

Amy says: "This is the roaster set I use at home. I appreciate the nonstick interior because it makes for easy cleanup. The roasting rack allows air to circulate around the meat for even cooking, and it's large enough for bigger roasts or turkeys—even the 19-pound turkey I made last year. Plus, the rack has lifters to help get the bird out of the pan."

Two-Prong Fork and Carving Knife

J.A. Henckels Classic Carving Set;, about $55

Amy says: "This is a reasonable price for a quality carving knife and two-prong fork set. When carving meat, it's essential to have a sharp knife. A dull knife requires more effort, which means you use more pressure and sawing motions to cut through the meat. This can result in injury. The fork helps with stability and lift when moving the hot, sliced meat from the turkey to a serving platter."

Cutting Board with an Edge

Totally Bamboo Dominica Cutting Board;, about $35

Amy says: "When it comes to selecting a cutting board for slicing juicy meats, such as turkey, I prefer one with a ridge around the edges to collect flavorful juices. Bamboo is a durable, renewable resource and has natural antimicrobial properties that make it a great choice for cutting cooked meats. Like traditional wood cutting boards, it needs to be hand-washed and requires seasoning with a mineral oil to preserve the quality."

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