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Meal Photo

Meal Photo

"If it's not broken, don't fix it." That's the popular motto Edie DeSpain lives by in her Logan, Utah kitchen.

So it's no wonder that each Thanksgiving Day, this mother of three and grandmother of seven relies on the tried-and-true menu of Turkey with Apple Stuffing, Pumpkin Shortbread Dessert, Peachy Sweet Potato Bake and Maple-Glazed Carrots.

Other staples in this special dinner include brussels sprouts, a cranberry gelatin salad, mashed potatoes and fresh-baked rolls.

"A few years ago, I tried to start a new tradition of having my daughters make a recipe they like. But they both ended up bringing the same dishes I was already making!" she laughs.

Why not try one of Edie's delicious recipes and start a new tradition in your home this holiday season?

Harvest Centerpiece

There's no need to call your local florist and order a centerpiece for this autumn gathering. With a few easy-to-find and inexpensive items — like a simple basket, rustic candles and seasonal natural materials — you can quickly create your own festive table decoration that captures the warm and rustic feel of fall.

Select a divided container to coordinate with your tableware and linens (such as a rattan drawer divider). Place candles into compartments as desired, varying the height for added interest. (If needed, place smaller candles on a sturdy base to add height.) Tie jute or other string around the larger candles if desired. Fill the remaining partitions with a variety of natural materials.