How to Make a Turkey Roll

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition with this impressive turkey recipe. Learn how to make a turkey roll with these easy steps.

Maui-Inspired Turkey Breast Roll

Maui-Inspired Turkey Breast Roll
This is the most delicious turkey I've ever had. I came up with this Maui-Inspired Turkey Breast Roll recipe because my family loves macadamia nuts. The sage garlic butter rub gives the turkey a lovely taste.
—Leimomi Lear, Wakefield, New Hampshire

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Step 1

Overlap the flattened turkey breasts. Rub butter, minced garlic and sage over the turkey. Top with prepared stuffing.

Step 2

Roll up the turkey jelly-roll style, starting at the short side and rolling away from you.

Step 3

Arrange reserved skin over the top of the roll.

Step 4

Tie the roll with kitchen string before roasting.

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