Fitting Fall Finales

Thanksgiving Desserts

Thanksgiving Desserts

Pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream is likely a sweet standby on every family's Thanksgiving table. But don't limit your dessert tray to the traditional when there's a bounty of other awesome autumn choices.

Sweet and creamy Gingersnap Dip is a tasty complement to nicely spiced cookies. Slices of Cranberry Bundt Cake are bursting with tart and tangy berries, while Frozen Pumpkin Dessert features a fun ice cream filling. (All recipes are shown here.)

Family and friends are guaranteed to fall for these tempting desserts. And who knows? You may even start a delicious new family tradition!

Additional dessert ideas: Apple Cranberry Crumble, Apple Pound Cake, Baked Stuffed Pears, Bread Pudding Pumpkin, Pecan Carrot Pie and Pumpkin Baked Alaska.