Simply Elegant Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

When you're hosting a Thanksgiving meal at your house, the last thing you want to do is spend time worrying about how to decorate your table.

You don't need an elaborate centerpiece to make your table attractive. Simply top your table with a crisp white or ivory linen tablecloth, then run an eye-catching autumn garland down the center.

In our table setting, we chose a silk garland that can be used from year to year. You can find a great selection of garlands at craft and variety stores.

For a natural look, try tucking in pinecones, gourds or Indian corn. Or replace the silk garland with boughs of dried bittersweet or fresh holly.

Thin white or ivory pillar candles placed on both sides of the garland are a simple yet striking addition. Feel free to use pillar, votive or tea light candles…or a combination of all three. If you use colored candles, make sure they pair well with your garland, linens and dishes.

Instead of traditional place mats, we added a little elegance by setting napkins matching our tablecloth on a diagonal, draping them off the side of the table and topping with plates.

For the fast finishing touch, fold a napkin into a rectangle, roll it up lengthwise and tie with a ribbon. Tuck a sprig of the garland under the ribbon and place the napkin on the plate.