A Beautiful Harvest Centerpiece

Harvest centerpiece with candles

Harvest centerpiece with candles

There's no need to call your local florist and order a centerpiece for this autumn gathering. With a few easy-to-find and inexpensive items—like a simple basket, rustic candles and seasonal natural materials—you can quickly create your own festive table decoration that captures the warm and rustic feel of fall.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Divided container such as a cutlery tray or drawer divider
  • Candles of various sizes, shapes and colors
  • Jute string, optional
  • Assorted natural materials such as Indian corn kernels, dried apple slices, bark or small stones, strawflowers and small pinecones

  1. Select a divided container to coordinate with your tableware and linens (we used a rattan drawer divider).
  2. Arrange candles in container

  3. Place candles into compartments as desired, varying the height for added interest. (If needed, place smaller candles on a sturdy base to add height.)
  4. Tie jute string around the larger candles if desired.
  5. Fill container with natural materials

  6. Fill remaining partitions with a variety of natural materials.