Super Bowl Spread

Super Bowl Menu

Super Bowl Menu

Whether you're tailgating in Phoenix or planning a Super Bowl party at home, there's no need to fumble around the kitchen, thanks to this make-ahead menu (shown at right). Jumbo Greek Sub is just the sandwich to satisfy hearty appetites. Pass the platter and watch slices disappear. For a side dish teaming with colorful vegetables, add Dressed-Up Vegetable Salad. Then score extra points with a big batch of Chocolate Mint Delights.

Sweet 'n' Salty Snack Mix (shown below) is an easy-to-fix crowd pleaser.

Sweet 'n' Salty Snack Mix

Flavorful Zesty Smoked Links (shown below) prepared in a slow-cooker are great for entertaining. Add more appetizers and snacks for a winning combination. Then cheer your team to victory!

Zesty Smoked Links