Super Bowl Pizza Party

If you want to a score a touchdown with the Super Bowl fans in your family, just quarterback a pizza party!

Group image of three pizzas

Group image of three pizzas

To defeat hunger in a hurry, turn to this guaranteed-to-please game plan: Start with a winning combination of appetizing "pies"…then toss in a bowl brimming with salad greens or fresh fruit, generous slices of buttery garlic bread or some potato chips and, for dessert, homemade or store-bought cookies or brownies.

With tender crusts and a variety of toppings, Four-Cheese Pizza, Pepper Sausage Pizza and Deluxe Turkey Club Pizza will score points with football followers of every age.

Game Plan for Your Party

You won't be defeated by last-minute details at your pizza party if you follow these timely tips.

  • If you plan on baking more than one pizza at a time, look for recipes with the same baking temperature.
  • Instead of serving only hot pizzas, offer a cold variety that can be made ahead.
  • For each pizza, chop and measure as many ingredients as you can the night before and refrigerate in small resealable plastic bags. Write the name of each pizza on a large resealable plastic bag and fill with the appropriate smaller bags. This not only saves you time, but also makes it easier for guests to jump in and help assemble pizzas on party day.
  • If a recipe instructs you to prebake the crust, do so the morning of the party. Store the cooled crust loosely covered at room temperature.

Suggestions for Serving Pizzas

You won't fumble getting food on the table with these guidelines.

  • Put two pizzas with the same baking temperature into the oven. (If possible, have two different varieties for folks to sample.) Each pizza should be on its own shelf. Halfway through the baking time, rotate the pizzas, moving the pizza on the higher rack to the lower rack and vice versa. You may need to add 5 to 10 minutes to the baking time.
  • Bake other pizzas as soon as the first two come out of the oven. This gives people a chance to finish their first plate of food and allows you to add hot fresh food to the table.
  • While pizzas are baking, set out the cold pizzas and other food.