Score Points with These Super Bowl Party Games

Score Points with These Super Bowl Party Games

While watching the big game will be the main event of your Super Bowl party for most of your guests, there will probably be a few that are more interested in the commercials than the game. We suggest some other types of games to get them involved in the fun!

Football grid pool: Set up a simple pool for the scores at end of each quarter and the final score. Write numbers 0-9 vertically and horizontally along the side of a 10x10 grid. Write the name of one team along the horizontal edge and one along the vertical edge. Then, have each person add their initials or name in a grid box (or several boxes) on the page. The winner will be the person whose initials correspond with the box that has the last digit of each team's score on the grid.

Pick sides: Create a cheering section for each team by dividing the area in front of the television into two sections with crepe paper or string. Decorate each side in the respective team's colors. Flags or pennants make good decorations, too.

Winner's game: Create a sheet where everyone guesses the final score for the game and the winning team when they enter the party. Give away a prize like a Nerf football or a tin of popcorn for the winner.

Commercial score card: This game is for the pop-culture fans who enjoy watching the commercials more than the game. Before the game, have everyone write down how many commercials will have…monkeys? Bikini-clad ladies? Cars? Beer? Retired football players? Assign a person to keep a tally throughout the game and then award a prize to the person who guesses the closest number for all categories.

Water-cooler banter: Write down the commercials that everyone thinks are funny and have a vote to pick the best commercial. The next day, your guests can compare the group's choice to the TV pundits' picks.

Football bingo: Make up your own bingo cards with football-related words, such as "first down," "punt," or "field goal." Add a couple of challenge words to each card, like "Hail Mary pass." Guests can mark their cards each time the announcers say the words. Award a prize to the first person to fill his or her card.

Don't say it!: Pass out necklaces or stickers at the beginning of the party, then choose a football-related word that no one can say during the game, such as "touchdown" or "field goal." If someone hears another person say the word, they can take their beads or sticker. The person with the most beads or stickers at the end of the game wins a prize.

A variation of this game can also be played where a person donates a quarter into a cup when they say the pre-determined word. After the game, the money in the cup is donated to a local food pantry.

Toss the ball: If you have the space and not a lot of breakables around, have foam footballs around to toss from guest to guest. If you live in a warmer climate, toss a real football around in the yard before the game or during half-time.

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