Spring Centerpiece, Jazzy Napkins and Table Toppers

Meal Photo

Meal Photo

Fast finishing touches can make your dinner table look especially inviting for special guests. Whether it's a tip for quickly assembling a main dish, a spring centerpiece or a jazzy napkin fold, table toppers like these take just minutes. Best of all, each idea is easy and inexpensive, too.

Lend a breath of spring to your table by topping it with bright blooms arranged in a cute sprinkling can. To coordinate with the Italian meal featured here (Special Cheese Manicotti, Pepperoni Caesar Salad, Rosemary Potato Rolls and Almond Chocolate Torte), we used a small watering can and selected yellow daisies, red mini gerbera daisies, yellow freesia, white monte casino and jasmine for the greenery.

Start with a small watering can about 4-1/2 to 5 inches tall. If the container is strictly decorative, place a plastic liner inside to prevent water leaks. Fill sprinkling can or liner three-fourths of the way with water.

Taping PhotoYou'll also need sticky floral tape to create a grid that will help hold your selected flowers and greenery in place. Place strips of tape parallel to one another across top of container.

Repeat with more tape, this time placing strips perpendicular to first set. The distance between the strips depends on the size and sturdiness of the flower stems.

Place strips closer together for smaller stems or droopier flowers.

Arranging Flowers PhotoNext, insert larger flowers, like the daisies in our arrangement, into the individual squares created by the tape grid. Space them out to spread the color.

Then tuck smaller flowers and greenery into the squares to fill out the arrangement and cover the green tape. Display the centerpiece on your table and gather compliments on its charming appearance.

Fast Napkin Fold Accents Diagonals

Arranging Flowers Photo 3Give a sleek look to an ordinary napkin with this simple fold that accentuates diagonal lines. It's easy to do when you start with a square cloth napkin that coordinates with your dishes.

Napkin Photo 1Fold napkin in quarters to form a square. Pick up the open point of the top layer of cloth and fold it down in about 1- to 1-1/2- inch folds until it reaches the outside corners.

Napkin Photo 2Next, repeat folds with the point of the second layer, stopping just before you reach the previous fold.

Napkin Photo 3With napkin placed squarely in front of you and diagonal folds intact, fold napkin in thirds, tucking sides underneath. Smooth folds and place a completed napkin on center of plate at each setting.