She Showered Gathering with Food and Fun!

When I was planning a shower for our first grandbaby, our son suggested a couples' shower instead of the traditional "women only" party.

What a wonderful idea, I thought. But that would mean double the number of guests and at least twice the amount of food. I quickly came up with some of my favorite crowd recipes and renamed them for the occasion. You'll find the recipes for my Baby-ques, Sweet Pea Salad, Cabbage Patch Coleslaw and Rock-a-Bye Baby Punch here.

In addition, the buffet included "This Little Piggy" ham sandwiches, "Bambi's" veggie tray and "tot-tato" potato salad. Each menu item had its own name sign with stork art—the same design I used for the invitations and name tags.

Fare for 50

I planned a menu to serve 50-some people, choosing easy tried-and-true recipes. Many of the dishes could be made ahead, which saved me time the day of the party.

A hearty sloppy joe sandwich always goes over well with our bunch, so my saucy, slightly sweet version became Baby-ques for the shower.

Sweet Pea Salad is a popular accompaniment I usually make with elbow macaroni. But to better fit the theme, I substituted bow tie pasta in my recipe.

Another side dish with broad appeal, Cabbage Patch Coleslaw is nice and crispy. Sour cream blends well with the vinegar, oil and seasonings in the dressing.

The recipe for Rock-a-Bye Baby Punch couldn't be much simpler, but both men and women enjoy its refreshing frothy taste. It's not too sweet and is such a pretty color.

Pastels Were Perfect

The happy couple chose not to know the baby's gender ahead of time, but I had both bases covered! I found paper goods and candy available in the perfect pastel colors for both Easter and spring—pink, blue, yellow and green. Balloon bouquets added to the festivity as we decorated the church hall for the shower.

For favors, we folded three-ply paper napkins in half to create triangles, then folded them as you would diaper. We fastened the "diapers" with safety pins and tucked candy inside of them.

For the centerpiece, I made a tiered diaper cake out of disposable diapers, adding usable baby items. Corsages for the future mom, grandma and great-grandma were made from "roses" fashioned from baby socks. The men wore pacifier boutonnieres!

Since it was a mixed group, we decided against playing games and opted for good ol' conversation instead-to everyone's delight.

Men and women alike commented on how nice it was to include the guys for the baby shower. And my easy menu for a crowd worked out so well that I'm happy to share it here. I hope you can use it to welcome someone new into the world, too!