New Year's Eve Centerpiece

A collection of clocks and watches set down the length of your table makes a spectacular centerpiece for your New Year's Eve dinner.

At no other time do folks seem to watch the clock than on New Year's Eve. After all, the celebration is about the magic hour of midnight!

A collection of clocks and pocket watches set down the length of your table makes a spectacular showpiece on New Year's Eve. We used crystal and silver varieties to go with our glass dinner plates and silver chargers. (A quirky vase filled with silver metallic stars and streamers serves as a playful centerpiece.)

At each place setting, carry on the timely theme by using a wristwatch as a napkin ring (see below for how to fold the napkin).

Before guests arrive, synchronize the timepieces on the table so they strike midnight all at once!

Diagonal Napkin Fold with Watch Napkin Ring

Step 1

Place a square cloth napkin wrong side up on a flat surface. Fold in two sides so they overlap and form a rectangle.

Step 2

Fold the upper left corner down to the center of the rectangle's lower edge.

Step 3

Fold the triangle you just made over so that it forms a square.

Step 4

Turn the napkin over; roll two sides into the center to make a tube. Turn the napkin over so the rolled edges are underneath. Slip the watch napkin ring over the napkin.