Mark New Year's Eve with a Memorable Meal

Meal Photo

Meal Photo

Not interested in going out for a special dinner on New Year's Eve? You can create restaurant-quality cuisine in your own kitchen with a little help from our home economists.

By getting a head start on some of the menu items, you'll have lots of time to celebrate with guests. For example, bake the appetizer horns early in the day, then fill them just before serving.

Boil and mash the potatoes for the side dish beforehand and place them in the baking dish. It's easy to pop in the oven before sauteing the entree on the stovetop.

And for a tempting yet time-saving ending to the meal, serve slices of a marvelous make-ahead cheesecake.

When you discover how easy entertaining can be, you may resolve to entertain more often in the coming year!

New Year's Menu Recipes

Wonton wrappers form crunchy little Crab-Stuffed Cones filled with a creamy mixture of canned crab and plenty of dill in these savory sensations.

Garlic, onion salt and Parmesan cheese season these Midnight Mashed Potatoes that get a bit of richness from sour cream. For a fancy look, use a pastry tip to pipe the potatoes into rosettes before baking.

A mild mushroom sauce pulls together this pleasing pairing of tender steaks and firm shrimp for New Year's Surf 'n' Turf.

Tick-tock…tick-tock…guests will surely count down the minutes until they can dig into this creamy strawberry Countdown Cheesecake, then ask for seconds.