Taste of Home's Mrs. Holiday Winner

Introducing Taste of Home's Mrs. Holiday: Marie Louise Ludwig

Marie Louise Ludwig, of Phoenixville, PA, Taste of Home’s newly crowned Mrs. Holiday, believes every day should feel like Christmas. She carries the true spirit of the holidays with her always, and shares it with family, friends and anyone else in need of some good cheer. "I like to keep the spirit of Christmas going all year round!" Mrs. Holiday says.

Her Holiday Snow Globe Cake, inspired by a coconut cake her grandmother used to make, holds special meaning. As a child, she helped her grandma make the cake, using homemade jam for the filling. "Every day was a celebration for her,” she says. “This cake is special. When I was 10, she made it for my birthday."

Marie Louise is all about celebrating each and every day; she decorates the cake for the occasion. In this case, she turned it into a snow globe by adding decorations beneath an overturned glass bowl.

To learn more about Mrs. Holiday, pick up a copy of the December/January issue of Taste of Home or find Mrs. Holiday on Facebook.

Holiday Snow Globe Cake

Make the Holiday Cake

Make your guests feel merry & bright with a whimsical Holiday Snow Globe Cake, courtesy of our very own Mrs. Holiday. This winter-themed cake features a moist coconut cake with a luxurious coconut, raspberry filling.

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Watch Mrs. Holiday in Action

Mrs. Holiday shows how she jingle-jangles in her community, sharing her undeniable love for ho-ho-ho and holiday magic. And yes, her Christmas tree IS up and decorated year round!

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Meet the Popular Vote Winner: Brittany Allyn, Nashville, TN

Three Fun Facts About Brittany Allyn:

  • Cooking Triumph: The first time I made a recipe for my husband for dinner (chicken Marsala), he requested it again the very next night. I obliged! He does that with recipes now and again. That's when I know it'll be in my repertoire for years to come!
  • My Food For Thought: Food and restaurants are topics that can create common ground with anyone. I meet new people everyday and this helps me to remember them as well as places I've been.
  • My Other Interests: I love my morning walk, at home or on the road. You really get more of a feel for a town once you walk it for an hour. I find charming restaurants (a place to come back to for lunch), gift shops, scenic parks and most of all, wonderful, friendly, hospitable people.

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Mrs. Holiday Standout Winners

Congratulations to our ten additional winners!

  • Jenn Arata
    Fairfield, CT
  • Roxanne Peelen
    Franklin, Wi
  • Kelly Shippey
    Orange, AR
  • Jennica Kenny
    Woodward, OK
  • Courtney Whitmore
    Nashvlile, TN
  • Leiliani Smith
    Clyde, TX
  • Shabnam Islam
    Venice, CA
  • Isabela Margia de Vicari
    Orlando, FL
  • Dionna Hurt
    Longwood, FL
  • Ashley Denson
    Rockwell, TX