Mother's Day Memory Box

Sharing your words of love with a heartfelt tradition like a memory box makes a Mother's Day gift extra-special.

Mother's Day Memory Box

Mother's Day Memory Box

Any mom would be thrilled with a brunch, dinner or party in her honor. But it's loving sentiments that really touch her heart. That's why a memory box is a gift she'll appreciate. You can even make it an annual event.

Before the big day, ask everyone who will attend the get-together to send you a special message for Mom. The message can be humorous or sentimental, a simple thought or a recollection. Type or print the messages with the person's name on slips of paper, fold and place in a pretty box. Each person can read their precious note to her as Mom pulls them from the box. Make sure to have tissues on hand!

Start a Tradition

Here are a few more ideas that will make Mom's day!

  • Create a video. Have relatives and friends share their thoughts about Mom and throw in some memorable pictures of her. Gather with dessert and coffee for the screening.
  • Make a playlist of songs your mom loves, and use it as background music at the get-together. Create a new one each year so she can see if her tastes have changed.
  • Create a booklet of coupons redeemable for special favors from everyone, young and old, who attends the party. Their gift can be anything from picking up toys or mowing the lawn to a free movie night or spa day.